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Couscous the national dish of Morocco

Couscous the national dish of Morocco

Every Friday after Jumuaa prayers, Moroccans around the world gather around a large clay plate to feast on the traditional Moroccan Couscous “Seksu”. Originally a Berber dish, the Moroccan couscous is basically a steamed wheat grain (sometimes semolina grains) topped with 7 different veggies and meat or chicken. The couscous is usually served with Leben, a famous Berber drink […]

Malaki Tarboush Fez Hat a symbol of Moroccan heritage

Moroccan Malaki Tarboush Hat with Black Tassel

The Fez is a particular hat with a tassel on the top of it, which was popularized during Ottoman period. On Arabic, Fez is called tarboosh. Usually, there are two types of this hat: one is in the shape of a truncated cone made of red felt, and the other type is a short cylinder […]

Moroccan Mint Tea Recipe

Moroccan Mint Tea

Moroccan mint tea is the exceptional marriage between green tea and Moroccan fresh mint leaves. Everything in Morocco begins with a freshly made pot of mint tea. Tea is an important part of every conversation, whether you are negotiating prices in the Souq (traditional market) or visiting a friend you will be welcomed by a cup of […]

Moroccan Batbout Pita Bread

Moroccan Batbout

This versatile bread, batbout, is also made on a hot pan. It is the ideal snack bread. It can be filled with anything. Make it a sandwich or even a pizza. The batbout is a great thing to have on your Moroccan breakfast table. It is made with flour, semolina, and wheat flour.


Moroccan Harsha

 Popular breakfast treat that is made with semolina flour is Harsha, some refer to it as Semolina bread. The name of his bread comes from the Arabic word, Harsh, which means rough. Due to the semolina ingredient, this bread is more firm in texture. Moroccan Harsha is not baked but made on a hot pan, like […]

Harira Moroccan Soup

Harira Moroccan soup

Harira is one of my favorite Moroccan soups. Harira is a popular soup that is made with tomatoes, chickpeas, lentils, and spices. Harira is considered the national soup of Moroccan and it’s usually included in the top 10 dishes to try in Morocco. It’s hearty that is traditionally made with tomatoes (lots of tomatoes), chickpeas, […]

Msemen Moroccan pancake

Msemen Moroccan pancake

This is the bread and butter of any Moroccan breakfast. This kind of Moroccan pancake can be either square or round. It has a unique texture that comes from the way it is meticulously rolled and folded into this beautifully layered pastry, almost. It is flaky and crispy on the outside and soft on the […]

What is a Tagine?

Moroccan tagine

A tagine is a type of popular Moroccan dish that is cooked in a special pot called a tagine as well. The tagine pot is made of two parts: a base which is usually shallow and round, and a conical lid that fits snugly on the base. The shape of the tagine promotes even cooking […]