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Couscous the national dish of Morocco

Couscous the national dish of Morocco

Every Friday after Jumuaa prayers, Moroccans around the world gather around a large clay plate to feast on the traditional Moroccan Couscous “Seksu”. Originally a Berber dish, the Moroccan couscous is basically a steamed wheat grain (sometimes semolina grains) topped with 7 different veggies and meat or chicken. The couscous is usually served with Leben, a famous Berber drink […]

Moroccan Mint Tea Recipe

Moroccan Mint Tea

Moroccan mint tea is the exceptional marriage between green tea and Moroccan fresh mint leaves. Everything in Morocco begins with a freshly made pot of mint tea. Tea is an important part of every conversation, whether you are negotiating prices in the Souq (traditional market) or visiting a friend you will be welcomed by a cup of […]