What is a Tagine?

Moroccan tagine

A tagine is a type of popular Moroccan dish that is cooked in a special pot called a tagine as well. The tagine pot is made of two parts: a base which is usually shallow and round, and a conical lid that fits snugly on the base. The shape of the tagine promotes even cooking and allows steam to condense on the lid, which then drips back down into the food, keeping it moist. 

The traditional Moroccan tagine pots are usually made of clay. They can, however, be made from other materials such as glazed ceramic, enameled cast iron, or heavy gauge steel.

This world-famous food can be made with chicken or meat or vegetables only if requested but not common for Moroccans since they LOVE their meat :P.

The Tagine is made by cooking the meat in a mix of exotic Moroccan spices, and onions, and then topping it up with either vegetable, green olives, or nuts.

What I like about the Moroccan Tagine is the beautiful presentation and that it is always served with bread (Khobz). I love the Moroccan Khobz!

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